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Hi, my name is Tarush Gupta and I am a senior at the University of Southern California, in Los Angeles, California. I am currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Economics, with a minor in Business Administration.

I was born and raised in New Delhi, India, where my family still resides. Growing up in a city that merges the distinction between the elite and the ignored, the privileged and the unfortunate, the informed and the uneducated, I have developed a keen passion for giving back to my community. As a child, I worked at orphanages that my parents frequented; as a teenager, I used the Interact Club and the Rotary Club as platforms for social change; now, I use academia to influence those who hold the power to ignite a change.

Working with Behavior and Experimental Economic techniques to observe and initiate positive societal changes, I help create novel literature that is used to guide policy making and makers. I thoroughly enjoy meeting and working with people, understanding the world through their perspective, and conjugating my tenets with theirs'. 

In the future, I am certain to pursue my vision of combining my holistic education with my drive to aid the Indian community.

Some of my extracurricular interests include mining for new music on Spotify, capturing the essence of the moment through my photography, and playing the classical and electric forms of guitar.